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Best Friend



Senin, 10 Januari 2011



I just read the book, and it really touched my heart. in the book on to say.

"I was a weak, I was not able to think long, I was that the hated by my friends. And I was very hypocritical on this earth, I'm thinking somewhere in the middle of busy cheering what they say . I'm just a women whom many sins for one thing that makes me happy but it was not, it makes me fall  into a big hole that makes me scared, uncomfortable and makes me want to go to somewhere place and people cannot see me. I want to go from here, I want everything to disappear, I want what's there is just people who love me and people who loved me under any circumstances "

in this book tell the real. not a mirage

This makes me believe that the love between family, friends and boyfriend who is very dear to us. even though our family never noticed our development. but in the depths of their hearts. love them very dear to us. then from there do not assume that the family hates us, everyone is dear to us. we assume everyone garbage. do not even think like that, because the GOD is always on our side. although we have a very serious problem. we must remember that the GOD gave us the best way

that's what I have in mind. I am writing this because I read this book that has inspired me.

heheheh.. lagi males pake bahasa inggris , bahasa inggris gue juga gak terlalu bagus ini mah hihuohuiho. oh ya gue mau nunjukkin suamiku. mau lihat ? hahahah dia ganteng banget banget dehh .. eh ya nih gue nemu gitu di youtube tentang dia di LOS ANGLES (LA) . gue pengen kesana tapi gak ada duit gitu , kata papa belajar dulu yang bener baru bisa deh ke LA . heheheheh ..
If you want to download just click here

actually i have a video about kris allen. but cannot to be uploaded. so I just gave place to donwload the song not that video. next i will take it in here .

he is my husband a handsome, smartest I've ever had
love you so much  
Life's been blinding me
From what I thought I'd see
Is there clarity in this insanity? (yeah)
Whats she want from me? (yeah)

Roads in front of me
Taking me astray
Are you leaving me?
Or are you leading the way?
Can you hear what I'm sayin'?

I need to know...
I need to know...
I need to know...
I need to know...

Feel like I'm tryin' to breathe under water
Tryin' to climb but I keep fallin farther (yeah)

Will you take my hand?

Feels so far away
Want to see your face
Are you even there?
Can you show me?!
Can you make me believe?!

I need to know...
I need to know...
I need to know...
I need to know...

I need to know...
I need to know...

itu dia suami yang tercinta yang terganteng hehehe. gue suka sama kris allen itu karena dia nyanyiin "To make you feel in my love" . dia nyanyiin pas di american idol gitu . jurinya sampai bilang gini 

"Brilliant , Awsome, Amazing" 

ya ampun jurinya aja sampe bilang gitu, gue yang di rumah klepek2 sama dia hahahah. merinding banget ya allah bagus banget suaranya suamiku ini hahahhaha. kalauu adam lambert sih bagus juga, powernya gedeeeee bener dehhh . itu keren banget si adam lambertnya apalagi pas nyanyiin "No Boundaries" versinya dia ya ampun merinding banget powernya gede banget -____-. keren deh pokoknya. tapi yang gue gak suka dari dia dandanannya kayak cewek , cantik banget  hahahah . pokoknya kalo lo ngeliat dia manggung gitu adam lambert cewek banget -__- ckckckckk . kalo suamiku mah engga cowok sejati dia ckckckck . 

Another Topic 
  i have 5 husbands in my life :) wkwk ngarep banget banget . 
First is KRIS ALLEN 

Second is ZAC EFRON you must looked in his eyes cool beautiful

Third is JOHN MAYER, actually he is my ex- boyfriend :) hahaha, i like him because he is good to sing with his guitar. as you know the most favorite songs me are 

Four is JASON M-RAZ, almost album from jason m-raz i like it .

and the last is MICHAEL BUBLE. like him so much

thats it 5 husbands in my life. mostly im just like him songs . yeah make me felt good and  calm down and forget everything problem i've ever had .

as you know, i found this text from my friend to his girlfriend. really really romantic, if i had a boyfriend i would liked him . amin .
Good night-good night my little angel
good night-good night my little ones
spread your wings and fly, away to your dreams
when you ’re sleep i’m on your side
when you’re awake i’ll be your still
...close your eyes put a smile on your face
don ’t be scarez coz, i’ll be there to hold you tight
you’re the king, you’re the queen
you’re saint of my life, when the world is trembling,
down don’t you cry
coz there’s nothing-nothing that will keep us apart
Rabu, 13 Oktober 2010

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